Umm Al-Qura University

Evening Preparatory Year and Qualifying year

- 2017/05/28

Evening Preparatory Year and Qualifying year is one-year program which helps to accept a large group of male and female students from the secondary school graduates who did not have the opportunity to directly admit to university, for a sum of money. After that, a student is enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree when a rate of 2 or more of 4 is achieved.



A- Evening preparatory year program :( Scientific study, administrative study): SR 12.000.

B- The qualifying year program, college of Applied Science: SR 8.000. The rest of the participating theoretical colleges: SR 7.000.


Admission Terms and Conditions:

  1. A student must have a Saudi nationality or a Saudi mother (for non-Saudis, they may apply through the scholarship program).
  2. To have a secondary school certificate or its equivalent from the KSA or from abroad.
  3. The graduation from the secondary school or its equivalent should not be from more than five years (the Colleges of medicine, pharmacy and medical sciences necessitate that it should not be from more than two years).
  4. To pass the required admission tests (ability test + achievement test + English language test), which is organized by the National Center for Evaluation and Assessment.
  5. To pass any test or personal interview required by certain colleges (readings, judicial studies, physical education, arts).
  6. The student should not have been disciplinary expelled from the university or any other university.