Umm Al-Qura University

Affiliation Program

- 2018/05/27

The Umm Al-Qura University Combined Admission Portal of the Academic Year 1437- 1438H

Dear Student,

Kindly, have a look on the instructions until you get to the application submission via the combined admission portal at the end of the page.

To submit the admission application to the Umm Al-Qura University, you have to go through the following instructions:  

First: facilities where Affiliation Program is approved:

  • Makkah- main facility: (Male Students- Female Students)
  • Laith (only female Students)
  • Qunfudah (Male Student- Female Students)

Second: scientific degree it awards

  • External Study Bachelor

Third: Requirements, Standards, Programs, Colleges and Specialties

Kindly, have a look on the Umm Al-Qura University admission Manual of the academic year 1437/1438h   


Fourth: about the third admission type (External Study Bachelor)

About the Program:

Such  a program aims at broadening the University’s admission base with the aim of accommodating the students whose circumstances prevent them from being regular students, and preparing them for the labor market. 

Objectives and Features of the Program:

  • Contributing to finding solutions for accommodating candidates whose circumstances leave them short of being regular students
  • Meeting the labor market needs with specialists in all fields


Specialties and Participating Colleges:



Arabic Language  College

  1. Morphology and Syntax

(Male Students- Female Students)

Dawa’a and Theology College

  1. Dawa’a and Islamic Culture
  2. Quran and Sunnah

(Male Student- Female Student)

Economic, Financial and Islamic Sciences College

  1. conomics

(only Male Students)


Qunfudah University College

  1. Islamic Studies
  2. Arabic Language

(Male Student- Female Students)

Laith University College

  1. Dawa’a and Islamic Culture
  2. Morphology and Syntax

(only Female Students)




Program Period:

The Program runs through four years, up for extending in the event that the student should fail. The Program awards bachelor degree (External Study) in the specialty they study. 

Program Admission fees:

The student pays two thousand and five hundred Saudi riyals per each semester until the final year. The student may get refunded for the semester in which they withdraw, providing they pay prior to that, according to the following regulations:

  • Refunding the fee of the semester in which the student withdraws providing they submit the request of withdrawing from the Program before the beginning of the orientation sessions set in the university calendar.
  • Refunding half of the fees for the semester in which the student withdraws providing they submit the withdrawal request from the Program during the orientation sessions set in the university calendar
  • The fees or part of it are not refunded if the student submits the withdrawal request from the Program after the orientation sessions have finished set in the university calendar

Fifth: procedures and dates for the admission stages of the Affiliation Program





Students are to be notified with the empty places, as well as  alerting those who have not paid every 72 hours

Applying via the combined admission portal, choosing specialty and saving the application. Payment takes place via “Payment System” using the candidate’s identity number.

From August 14th, 2016


October 16th, 2016




All the above has been informed and I pledge to the following:

  1. All the data submitted via the admission portal is valid. And in case such data should be invalid, the University may take what it sees appropriate according to laws.
  2. I have not been expelled from any university on disciplinary grounds. And if proven otherwise, the University takes what it sees appropriate.
  3. I pay the fees set for the Program within the set 72 hours in SMS payment request to the number of the cell phone entered. The fees are two thousand and five hundred Saudi riyals per the first semester to complete the admission process. And if I have not paid, my registration is cancelled.
  4. I am fully committed to paying the fees for each semester, set at two thousand and five hundred during the dates set for payment. And if the student has not paid, the courses will not be registered altogether, and the student’s page will be fully blocked.
  5. The academic record and the certificate state what proves that the study system comes under the External Student Program
  6. I will not submit fee exemption request for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise indicated.
  7. I have been notified that to join the Program it is conditioned that I meet the minimum admission requirement. And if the number has not completed, the University Service and Continuing Education College may take what it sees appropriate.
  8. I adhere to the University’s regulations and its rules.
  9. I got familiarized with all the above Pledge items, and I agree to them.

To Submit an Admission Request

Kindly visit the combined admission portal.