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About the Deanship

- 2019/09/08

There are two major headquarters for the UQU Deanship of Admission and Registration in Makkah (male students HQ in Al-Abdiyyah, and female students HQ in Al-Zahir).

Because the Deanship covers a wide array of university activities and disciplines, as well as the increasing number of students, there arose the need to establish branches for deanship in the UQU campuses outside Makkah, so that those branches could complete the admission processes for students of those regions, thus relieving the burden of moving to the Deanship's main HQs.

Noteworthy, the Admission Deanship HQ in Abdiyyah is the head office of the deanship, from which all activities relating to admission and registration for all students (both males and females) stem. The deanship is run by the Dean of Admission and Registration, and there are a number of vice deans (males and females) reporting to him, each of whom is responsible for certain departments, and is entitled to a managing specific affairs as per the powers entitled to him/her.

Names of the Dean and Vice Deans of Admission and Registration

Dean of Admission and Registration

Dr. Abdul-Rahman bin Ali Salih Al-Ghamdi

Vice Dean of Admission and Registration

Dr. Khaled T. Al-Thaqafi

Dr. Fatima A. Al-Ghamdi

Vice Dean of Admission and Registration for Registration Affairs

Dr. Nazar bin Hasan bin Ahmad Baqdoud

Dr. Tahani M. Al-Subait

Vice Dean of Admission and Registration for Academic Affairs

Dr. Abdulaziz bin Muhammad bin Abdulrazzaq Maiajan

Dr. Fatima A. Al-Ghamdi

Vice Dean of Admission and Registration in Qunfudhah

Dr. Ali bin Abdul-Rahman bin Muhammad Al-Zubaidi

The Dean of Admission and Registration directly oversees all vice deanships and departments of admission and registration, in such a manner that realizes the preset objectives and plans. Besides, he supervises the management of the deanship. The dean of admission and registration reports to the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs. He is responsible for:

  • Assuming the powers and competencies entitled to him by virtue of the applicable laws and regulations, in addition to the tasks assigned to him by the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs;
  • Preparing the annual action plans of the deanship's activities, overseeing their implementation, and following them up after obtaining the approval of the competent person;
  • Directing and following up the Deanship's daily work;
  • Applying administrative and financial systems, and ensuring staff's commitment to applying them;
  • Solving the problems that may arise between the different administrative units;
  • Following up performance of the deanship staff, recommending their upgrading, and submitting regular reports on their performance;
  • Coordinating with the competent bodies for the benefit of the deanship;
  • Representing the deanship in meetings, committees, councils, and before third parties, as well as signing the deanship's outgoing correspondences;
  • Determining the deanship's needs for human resources and equipment, and taking the proper action thereupon;
  • Reporting regularly to the competent UQU bodies on the deanship's activities and performance; and
  • Submitting a report of the deanship's needs for human resources and equipment to the competent authorities, and following up their fulfilling them by the deanship management.