Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Administrative Communication Center

- 2021/01/03


UQU is one of the oldest universities in the Saudi Kingdom. It has joined a large group of esteemed academic institutions to become a beacon of academic education for its students, who anticipate even more services. The National Center of Documents and Archives was established by virtue of the approval No. M/55 issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, the Prime Minister, and the Head of Higher Education Council, dated 23 Shawwal, 1409 A.H. By virtue of that decision, the UQU Documents and Administrative Communication Center was established in the university. On 5 Muharram, 1442 A.H., the UQU President issued an administrative decision No. 4202000033 to demerge the Center for Documents and Administrative Communications. The center became two separate centers, with the Administrative Communication Center reporting to the vice president. Administrative communication is very crucial as an affective tool which contributes to achieving objectives, plans, and the effective implementation of the administrative organization, as well as achieving administrative control using communication channels and means. Moreover, sound administrative communication contributes to preforming tasks properly, as planned, and also contributes to gaining trust among individuals and groups inside the organization, particularly upon affecting changes in the work method and any development work of the college.

List of Directors of the Administrative Communication Center:

Former General Supervisors

  • Dr. Abdullah bin Awwad Al-Otaibi
  • Dr. Nasir Al-Buqami
  • Dr. Mazin bin Omar Khairu
  • Mr. Ahmad Abdul-Halim Ahmad Al-Mu`allim
  • Mr. Rashad bin Abdullah Halouni
  • Mr. Omar bin Ahmad Bazar`ah

General Managers

Former General Manager

Mr. Abdullah Abdul-Rahman Al-Sulaimani

General Manager:

Mr. Ahmad bin Fathi bin Abdul-Malik Sabban


The center strives to boost efficiency in developing e-transactions.


To enable everyone use effective government services in a safe, integrated and easy manner, through multiple electronic channels.


Building outstanding partnerships to work with a teamwork spirit.


  1. Supporting and promoting the mechanism of transformation to electronic transactions.
  2. Applying e-government in the government sector.
  3. Enabling everyone to use effective government services in a safe, integrated and easy manner through multiple electronic channels.
  4. Transforming from traditional to electronic means to facilitate access to digital content.
  5. Establishing unified legal regulations for the use of e-transactions and signatures, and facilitating their implementation.
  6. Applying quality standards on the administrative communication system.
  7. Providing the center with experts and specialists in the field of administrative communication.
  8. Increasing awareness on the importance of administrative communication and e-transactions.
  9. Providing an environment conducive to constructing and manufacturing electronic transactions.
  10. Promoting transparency and encouraging e-community participation.
  11. The center is a linking point between the university and the external bodies.


  1. Automating university transactions.
  2. Receiving incoming transactions and correspondences, completing their registration procedures, and referring them to the relevant administrative units.
  3. Maintaining the confidentiality of e-transactions.
  4. Providing information and data about the documents for the beneficiaries inside and outside the university.
  5. Dealing with electronic information applications and their new concepts.
  6. Offering proper courses to make the digitalization in administrative communication a success.
  7. Guaranteeing easy access to services for all beneficiaries, without exception, at any time and from anywhere
  8. Responding to visitors inquiries and direct them.
  9. Developing the specialized technical skills of the center's staff and the parties affiliated to the university.