Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Steps of International Shipment

- 2018/10/17

* Steps of International Shipment:

First: Downloading the international shipment data form that is available in the right list of the page and filling it in Arabic and English as follows:


Name of participation


Name of sender, which is the internal body inside the university


Info of the receiver, which is the entity to which the international shipment is being sent. The info should be as follows:

Name of the entity



Postal Code

Name of receiver

Contact Numbers (landline/mobile)


 Shipment details which include:

 Number of packages/ boxes

Number of materials

Total price (estimated based in the materials)



Second: Printing the attachement on an official letter 

Third: Entity’s seal

Fourth: Exporting the attachment on the administrative communication system (Masar) and transferring it to the the Documents and Administrative Communication Center.

Fifth: Sending the packages and official letter (attachment) to the Documents and Administrative Communication Center.