Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Administrative Affairs Unit

- 2017/09/10

Administrative Affairs Unit:

This unit is concerned with following-up administrative affairs and providing assistance to the staff.


Administrative Affairs Tasks:

  1. Follow-up employees' attendance.
  2. Organize employees' leaves.
  3. Enumerate employees' productivity.
  4. Prepare letters and circulars.
  5. Prepare confidential reports.
  6. Prepare administrative reports.
  7. Prepare a schedule of training courses recommended to employees.
  8. Appraise employees' administrative performance.
  9. Create the administrative work climate.
  10. Follow-up the administrative transactions of both the center and employees.


Work Processes 

  1. Coordinate and prepare agenda of the center director.

  2. Copy letters and circulars released by the center director.
  3. Prepare operation and maintenance contracts for electronic systems.
  4. Prepare a report, with supportive statistics, on the administrative and technical affairs at the center in coordination with heads of sections.
  5. Receive e-mails sent to the center and forward the same to competent sections.
  6. Answer phone simple inquiries.
  7. Supervise tidiness and cleanliness of administrative offices.
  8. Retrieve and sort files of the center management.
  9. Coordinate with administrative section when necessary.
  10. Receive visitors and supervise hospitality.
  11. Distribute internal administrative tasks to the center staff.
  12. Follow-up some transactions with internal and external bodies.
  13. Prepare attendance sheets for employees.
  14. Prepare training lists according to job standards.
  15.  Arrange for meetings held by the center director.
  16. Receive and follow-up complaints about administrative transactions.  


Unit Staff:




Muhammad A. al-Ahmari


[email protected]