Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Responsibilities of the National Center for Documents and Archives

- 2017/07/16

The responsibilities of the National Center for Documents and Archives:

  1. Collect, index, classify, code, preserve, maintain and regulate the circulation of all documents and archives as per the system of the documents and archives, the executive regulations, and the classification and coding plans.
  2. Collect the systems, regulations, instructions, agreements and conventions, and supervise printing and publishing them.
  3. Supervise and technically follow up on the preservation processes in the government agencies, and work on protecting them.
  4. Provide data and information about the documents and archives for the beneficiaries.
  5. Achieve coordination and collaboration with the agencies concerned with the documents in the Kingdom, and exchange expertise with them.
  6. Achieve collaboration in the field of documents and archives with the international specialized agencies.
  7. Participate in the regional and international organizations and institutions in the field of documents and archives.
  8. Exchange data with the national centers around the world.
  9. Work with the specialized bodies to find the national qualified calibers to work in the field of documents.
  10. Oversee the destruction of the documents that are decided to be destroyed.
  11. Find databases for documents to link the documents centers in the government agencies.
  12. Spread awareness and knowledge in the field of documents.