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Types of Documents 24870

- 2017/08/24

Types of Documents:

  1. Administrative Documents: Documents on the administrative works.
  2. Financial Documents: Documents on the financial affairs.
  3. Specialized Documents: Documents relating to the main activity of the apparatus.

The documents are divided in terms of preservation period into two types:

  1.  Permanently preserved documents:

It is impermissible to destroy these documents as they are indispensable for the need of the work or the scientific research. These documents are mainly the documents that prove the properties of the state or persons, rights of persons, or documents on the existence of the government agencies, and monitoring their administrative and functional development, such as:

  • Their systems and internal bylaws.
  • Their organizational decrees.
  • Their policies, plans and programs.
  • Their budgets and final accounts.
  • Their administrative procedures.
  • Their administrative regulations and organizational guides.  
  • Important reports.
  • Statistics.
  • Architectural plans.
  • Plans and specifications of utilities.
  • Judicial rulings.
  • Discretionary fatwas.
  • Documents that prove the history of the Kingdom and its development.


  1. Temporarily preserved documents:

They can be destroyed as their value decreases over time till it vanishes.

The documents are preserved in each government agency based on Documents Preservation Index of the National Center for Documents and Archives.