Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2021/06/24
When the university was established in 1401 AH, the College of Social Sciences was among the colleges that emerged in the first decade of the thirteenth century, and is now The home to four academic departments:
Dean of the College
The College of Social Sciences at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) is one of the leading colleges and respectful academic edifices that the UQU relies on for the preparation and qualification of specialized cadres, at the scientific and research levels, in the fields of social sciences, in accordance with national and international quality standards. This is in addition to the development of academic programs and methods of instruction at the academic, technical, and research levels to meet the needs of the labor market, in line with the development of knowledge and in contribution to the sustainable development process included in the aims of the Saudi vision 2030.
Dr. Abdul-Fattah bin Jamil bin Abdul-Fattah Bostanji

Postgraduate Programs

The main objectives of the College of Social Sciences are as follows:
First: The graduation of modernly cultured youth, educated within the framework of the Islamic Theology. Proceeding from the duty of the Muslim Ummah to take the Islamic Qaedah (Islamic Base) as its base in studies and researches, the college works on setting the main rules for the true Islamic perception in sciences in its offered programs.

Second: Contribute to fulfilling the needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for technicians specialized in different educational and applied fields, due to the rising demand for such calibers to implement development plans and programs. Therefore, the college worked on providing the following sectors at the early stages of its inauguration.

Education Sector:  The demand on the graduates of the majors offered by the college, who are qualified scientifically and educationally, is expected to increase to fulfill the KSA’s need for local teachers. The college collaborates with the College of Education to offer the students “Educational Rehabilitation” courses. 
Planning Sector:  One of the main overall objectives of the college is to provide specialists in the field of regional and urban planning to serve in the current economic, agricultural and urban development that is being witnessed by the kingdom, and requires sound and proper scientific planning. The disciplines available in the college make its contribution to this fruitful and constructive planning, due to their knowledge of the natural and human conditions in which the Kingdom lives and its relations with foreign expertise in the area of investment and others.
Public Services Sector: The College is considered a springboard for creating generations of intellectuals and specialists qualified enough to fill the existed gap in some sectors of the public services in many ministries, institutions and authorities, such as the sector of social, psychological and administrative services. The college aims at contributing to the resources and manpower needed to implement development program in these institutions.
Third: Develop scientific research in the accredited disciplines in the college so as to revive and preserve the Islamic heritage, and study the civilizational, cultural and social phenomena in the Arabian Peninsula generally, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specifically, within the framework of their global understanding. In addition, the college gives attention to the areas of use of natural and human resources in the KSA, land use and environment problems, and planning. Besides, the college stresses on evaluating results, suggestions and recommendations in collaboration with the governmental agencies in concern. The college is also planning to open broad areas to carry out this kind of researches in which all concerned sectors cooperate, create a base for the graduate students specialized in the departments in concern, and encourage them to cope with the national plan for Saudi universities.