Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Invitation to Register for Sports Activities (Female Section)

- 2019/10/28

A college tournament will be held at Umm Al-Qura University, the Women's Football League, which is known as Dr. Sarah Al-Khuli's Cup, in her honor. There will also be basketball and archery.

We invite you to form a sports team representing the College of Social Sciences, with high vigor and a competitive spirit (to be later selected to represent the university team in competing with other universities).

Steps to participate in the football and basketball teams:

  1. Fill the fitness form from the University Medical Center (Click here) and the Nomination Form (Click here).
  2. Take a pledge not to withdraw from the team. In case of withdrawal, you will be denied registration in sporting activities for one year.
  3. Attend courses and events held by the Deanship for Student Affairs for student Activities and Training (positive psychology course on sports activity, charisma on the sports field, sports injuries program and first aid, table games championship, trips and training camps, and the sports and artistic show festival).
  4. Archery (coat of arms, archery): Participation will be individual, and not as a team. A student who pursues archery as a hobby should register her name, and she will be evaluated by trainers.

Important note:

  1. Candidates are kindly requested to send their names with the medical examination form from the University Medical Department before Wednesday, 30 October 2019, to [email protected]
  2. There will be training for the football and basketball teams at the gym in Al-Abidiya (during training times, the students shall abide by the rules concerning the university sports uniform).

For more information or inquiries, please use the following email to contact:

Dr. Najwa Al Harbi

[email protected]

Department of Social Services, building (B), third floor.