Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Eleventh Scientific Meeting

- 2019/11/21

A Call to Participate in the 11th Scientific Meeting for the Students of Umm Al-Qura University (Announcement Link)

Meetings Final Schedule

(The link will be added soon)

** Please check the page regularly to follow up on any concerns you have regarding the scientific meeting.

The 11th Scientific Meeting is a platform where university students compete in different and varied endeavors, in a fair competitive atmosphere. The meeting is comprised of five themes, covering a number of streams. Through this meeting, the Deanship of Students Affairs aims to give university students a chance to participate in an open scientific meeting to promote their talents, and display their abilities and innovations.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for the students to submit their entries to the coordinators of their departments (-), corresponding to (-).
  • Deadline for submission of entries from the coordinators of the departments to the college coordinator (-), corresponding to (-).
  • Deadline for submission of entries by the college coordinator to the deanship through the assigned link (-), corresponding to (-).

Important attachments (please click the links below)

Refereeing criteria for all themes of the scientific meeting (the criteria will be uploaded later)

  • Refereeing distinct ideas in the business industry.
  • Refereeing research.
  • Refereeing works of art.
  • Refereeing innovation.
  • Refereeing small projects.
  • Refereeing the media reportage.
  • Refereeing the community service report.
  • Refereeing awareness films.
  • Refereeing the 'Explain It' projects
  • Refereeing speech delivery/poetry reading
  • Refereeing the 'That Is Me' theme
  • Refereeing photography

Information about communicating with coordinators

- College of Social Sciences coordinator (male section)

Prof. El-Sayed Abdul-Hameed Ibrahim

([email protected]) (0537239492)  

- College of Social Sciences female coordinator (female section)

Ms. Aliaa Ibrahim Al-Turkistani

([email protected]) (056025075)  

- Department coordinators of the College of Social Science




(Female Section)


(Phone Number)


(Male Section)


(Phone Number)



Dr. Malihah Hamid Ak-Abdali

[email protected]


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sayyed Askoura

[email protected]



English Language

Dr. Khadijah Ati Atiyyah Al-Jabri

[email protected]


Dr. Al-Mouloudi Ismael Aziz

[email protected]



Social Service

Prof. Hanaa Muhammad Ahmad Ghoz

[email protected]


Dr. Al-Sayed Hassan Al-Bassati

[email protected]




Ms. Ghaydha Abdul-Rahman Abdullah Al-Zaid

 [email protected]


Dr. Wajdy Helmi Abdul-Zhahir

[email protected]