Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Winners in the Tenth Scientific Meeting from the College of Social Sciences

- 2019/10/20

The College of Social Sciences won the third place, praise be to Allah, in the competition at the university level. Thanks to Allah, and then the efforts of the coordinators of the college and the different departments, the students of the college made (52) contributions in the Tenth Scientific Meeting, and won (14) places in different categories:

First: Winners in the Social Research Category (BA):

  • First position: Student Shifaa Fuad Al-Hadl.
  • Second position: Student Ranin Dhiyab Al-Hudhali.

Second: Winners in the Social Research Category (Postgraduate Studies):

  • First position: Student Nabil Muhammad Sa`id Safar

Third: Winners in the Category of Single Elocution in Arabic:

  • Second position: Student Madihah Siraj Al-Din Nunsi

Fourth: Winners in the Category of 'An Idea for Explanation':

  • Third position: Hawaa Abdul-Hamid Abdul-Wahid Khan

Fifth: Winners in the Category of Preparing Social Service Reports:

  • First position: Students Ranin Dhiyab Al-Hudhali, Razan Haydarah, Mariam Al-Falais
  • Second position: Students Shuruq Hamid Al-Thubaiti, Razan Haydarah, Rahaf Al-Utaibi
  • Third position: Hanadi Sa`d Al-Qurashi.

Sixth: Winners in the Category of Awareness Films:

  • First position: Muhammad Harith Al-Shareef
  • Second position: Raghad Sami Amin Khuwj

Seventh: Winners in the Reportage Category:

  • First position: Uhud Ibrahim Birnawi.
  • Second position: Lina Fuad Bakhsh.

Eighth: Winners of the Category of Creativity in English Literature:

  • First position: Student Daniyah Abdul-Rahim Abdullah Turkistani.
  • Second position: Student Nurah Naif Abdullah Al-Tawaim.

We ask Allah to grant you more success and progress in scientific forums.