Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2020/03/19


The inception of the College of Community Service and Continuing Education was in 1407H. It used to be a community service center, serving as one of the university's supportive centers. Thereafter, in 1417H, it was transformed into a deanship of community service and continuing education. And finally, in 1422H, upon the approval of the Higher Education Council, it has developed into the College of Community Service and Continuing Education.
According to the current organizational structure of the college, it is comprised of four vice-deanships. They are: 
Vice-Dean for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs, Vice-Dean for Programs and Activities, and Vice-Dean for Development and Quality Assurance. Under those vice-deanships there are a myriad of supportive administrative units, in addition to the divisions of training, programs and diplomas.


To serve the community effectively, and provide specialized, scientifically sound assist in this domain, such that helps develop the community and promote the efficiency of its institutions.


1. To develop high-quality educational and training programs to satisfy the community needs and work market demands;
2. To enter into fruitful partnerships with the society's various institutions;
3. To enhance the skills and capabilities of graduates and staff through training and qualification programs;
4. To promote the beneficiaries' satisfaction with the services they receive from the college;
5. To bolster staff's administrative and professional performance;
6. To provide a work environment that enhances productivity;
7. To espouse state-of-the-art technologies in providing educational and training programs; and
8. To diversify and increase financial resources.