Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Units and Tasks of the Vice Deanship for Voluntary Work

- 2019/10/12

The Vice Deanship is made up of a number of units, over which the Vice Deanship duties are divided to realize the goals of the university through the establishment of this Vice Deanship and the units as follows:

Research and Studies Unit:

This unit is involved in studying the needs of the voluntary sector for research and studies, and guiding researchers at the university through coordination with research and consulting channels at the university.

Education and Training Unit:

This unit is concerned with providing academic and training programs, either through the College of Community Service and Continuing Education or in coordination with the colleges and institutes, to offer individual or joint programs. This deepens the concept of volunteerism, and builds individual volunteers' skills and the skills of the leaders of voluntary work. This also refines the competencies of the university staff in building and implementing voluntary initiatives.

Volunteering Initiatives and Program Unit:

The unit is interested in building initiatives and establishing volunteer programs, as well as networking with outside parties and building partnerships. It is also concerned with providing volunteers for the initiatives and programs adopted by the university or other bodies.

Information Technology Unit:

The unit is involved in building an electronic system to: receive volunteers from the university and record their data, receive applications from outside the university from bodies who need volunteers as well as monitoring and counting the amount of volunteer work and efforts at the university.