Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Expected Measured Results from the Unit

- 2017/12/19

College Units

    Expected Measured Results from the Unit:

    1. Translating the UQU strategy into volunteering programs and activities offered by the university’s affiliates to the society, so as it can do its job in serving and developing the society.
    2. Increasing the level of benefiting from the university’s services and facilities (playgrounds- labs- computer services... Etc) in offering volunteering services and activities to serve and develop the society through assessing the current situation and measuring the level of increase over the next five years.
    3. Increasing the participation of the teaching staff members and students in the activities for serving the society and developing the environment.
    4. Raising the level of performance of the UQU affiliates in the field of the volunteering work, and serving and developing the society through assessing the performance before and after establishing the unit.
    5. The positive impact of the scientific research movement for the scientific specialties in the university in the field of the volunteering work and benefiting from the results of the researches in the practical reality.
    6. The positive impact of giving due care to the field of volunteering work in the scientific studies and researches for the affiliates of the university from the teaching staff members on the level of  postgraduate studies in the masters and phd researches, and the research projects on the bachelor level.
    7. Raising the community awareness about the volunteering work system at Umm Al-Qura University through surveys to measure the level of this awareness.

       8 Monitoring the quantitative and qualitative change in the volunteering programs and services from the university’s affiliates to the surrounding society.