Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Unit’s Work Plan

- 2017/12/19

College Units

    Unit’s Work Plan:

    1. Drafting a strategic vision to achieve the university’s mission of serving and developing the society. The vision should be based on the concept of investing in the educational process from the standpoint of the national security. This is in addition to determining the bases and mechanisms that ensure maximizing the volunteering participations by the teaching staff members and students.
    2. Designing an interactive website for the unit on the university’s website. It should include the unit’s mission and objectives, and should cover the volunteering and training activities that are being organized by the university to achieve its mission of serving and developing the society.
    3. Providing a mechanism for offering professional advices to the teaching staff members and students with the needs of the society with the volunteering services and activities in the framework of scientific specialties in the university’s colleges.
    4. Holding training sessions for the students to spread the culture of the volunteering work and introduce the volunteering activities and programs that are needed by the society.
    5. Providing the scientific support to the students to achieve creativity and innovation in their volunteering participations to serve the society surrounding the university.
    6. Building partnerships between the university and different bodies in the society “governmental and civil” that are related to the volunteering work system. Also, promoting the level of volunteering services, programs and activities in the society. 
    7. Organizing workshops for those who are responsible for the volunteering activities in the different scientific specialties in the univeristy, to exchange experiences and develop skills in the fields of the volunteering work.
    8. Providing opportunities to increase the training of the students and their participation in the activities of civil society and environment serving; in addition to drawing their attention towards the public service and volunteering work.
    9. Exceeding the traditional scope of the university as a national expertise house to the role of the complete partnership with the knowledge and practical comprehensive experiences for its research and services centers. This is in addition to participating in the responsibility of achieving the goals of development and improvement in all the society’s sectors and consequently a comprehensive development for the society.
    10. Establishing a network of community relations between the university and the civil society and its institutions, which will increase the university’s capability on diagnosing its problems and exceeding the phase of proposing solutions to participating in the application and offering solutions. At the same time, encouraging the civil society institutions to regain its confidence in its universities and to interact constructively with them on the basis of the community partnership and responsibility for both sides.
    11. Communicating with all the university’s different colleges and institutes to activate the volunteering work.