Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Volunteering Work Unit

- 2017/12/25

Th university is considered one of the most important educational institutions in its contribution to the development of the society through graduating the human cadres trained to work in different fields and specialties. The objectives of the university are listed under three main functions: (education, preparing human resources, and scientific research, in addition to serving and developing the society)

The communication between the universities and their societies and offering a number of volunteering roles, activities and services to that society became a necessary issue imposed by the modern variables. It is no longer a choice for a university to serve its society, as the teaching staff members and students are required to provide a vital role in offering community volunteering services. The university is also required to activate the volunteering work for the service and development of the society and to open its doors to the society, because when it isolate itself, its knowledge become pilled and not connected to the developed life. Moreover, education would lost its social and knowledge values, and therefore get split from the society’s needs.

Consequently, serving and developing the society currently became of the most important functions of the university, as they provide the vital participation in opinion and work. They also improve the learners’ capability to voluntarily participate and contribute to building the society and solve its problems. This is in addition to improving the serious interest for searching for knowledge, challenging the reality and creating the future in a precise scientific framework that accommodates the social, economic and political circumstances of the society.

The volunteering work and development of society could be determined for the university in everything that is being offered by its colleges and centers of activities and services to its affiliate students or teaching staff members. The focus goes to the society’s individuals and institutions, with the aim of making manner and developmental changes in the environment surrounding the university.

The volunteering work in our modern world became an approach that requires potentials and skills that should be acquired by the volunteers. The culture of volunteering became a crucial part of the culture of the developed societies, as they represent values, principles, ethics, standards, symbols and practices that urge to initiatives and positive work that benefit others. Volunteering work comes on top of the list of the development priorities. The literature of modern development describes the volunteering participation as the governments’ capital in accommodating the ambitions and achieving reforms and accomplishments.

The importance of establishing the volunteering work and society development unit implies in its expected contribution to developing the programs and activities of the volunteering work in its different fields, to strengthen the society’s pillars and participate in the building and development, along with the country’s efforts. The future development requires activating the cooperation practices and volunteering activities in the light of clear strategic plans and visions that are based on real data and scientific research. The unit contributes to achieving the university’s mission of serving and developing the society through working on using education and scientific research to achieve the comprehensive civilized development for the society via programs and activities, and research and training services that would be implemented in the unit’s work plan.