Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Human Resources Diploma

- 2021/11/18

Program Status: Active

Program Type: Intermediate diploma


This diploma qualifies the male/female diploma graduate to work in the different fields of human resources, in both the public and private sectors.


  1. Preparing qualified cadres to contribute to management through the human resource management in the different institutions and work organizations.
  2. Enabling the student to identify the significant aspects of human resource management and learn how to master them practically.
  3. Strengthening the university's relationship with the local community and employers by providing qualified cadres.
  4. Building scientific partnerships with institutions and partiesinterested in human resource management via the program of scientific cases provided for the program's students.

Job Opportunities:

Those who pass this diploma are granted (fifth rank, first grade) on entering government jobs. Other suitable work opportunities for the holder of this diploma include (secretary, clerk, administrative assistant, typist).

Bridging System for the Program:

Bridging Criteria:

Study Plan:

Program Duration:

Four semesters (Two years).

Course Descriptions:

The College Which the Student Will Attend:

Program Entry Requirements and the Mechanism of Admission:

Registration Fees:

SR. 3500 for one semester. The total fees for all semesters is SR. 14000.

Target Group:

The Rating of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development:

Rated by the Ministry of Civil Services and accredited by the Human Resources Development Fund.

Student Procedural Guidebook: The guidebook includes:

  • Payment method.
  • Refund policy.
  • Restudy policy after failure or being denied entry to exams.
  • Receipt of documents, etc.

Application Dates for the Program:

Apply for the Program: