Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

About the Department

- 2019/10/10

Department Description

The department works on developing the affiliation concept in undergraduate university study through benefiting from modern means of communication with the aim of empowering the largest number of society members –from both genders in different age groups- through developing their scientific and cognitive capacity, and facilitating any obstacles they might encounter.

Department Objectives

  • Serve the UQU mission and objectives through serving the society, and offering university education for the largest number of society members, so as to provide scientific solutions for the problems of the society within its competence. 
  • Offer the opportunity for the biggest number of social groups; whom couldn’t enroll in regular university education due to their circumstances, to continue their education and develop their capacity.
  • Raise the educational and cognitive level of the society members and improve their efficiency and skills, to meet the needs of the labor market.
  • Optimal utilization of UQU human resources to provide specialists to the society in different areas of sciences.

Affiliation Program Features

  • Benefit from the affiliation which contains electronic services that help in the success of the educational process.
  • Benefit from all university services that the regular student enjoys.
  • Complete all study-related transactions online without the need to visit the university campus. (This would be gradual as per the available capacities)
  • Attend the preparatory meetings offered by the colleges for the program, as per the announced dates and mechanisms.
  • Facilitate the communication with the courses supervisors through the electronic system through: (Affiliation Students Forum)
  • Offer communication channels and support services to the enrolled students.
  • The possibility of transfer from the affiliation program to the regular program after the completion of at least 2 semesters, with GPA not less than 3.25 (out of 4) for Saudis, and fulfilling the rest of admission requirements of the university and the college to which the student wants to transfer. There, also, should be a vacant place at that college.