Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message of Department Head

- 2017/12/03

In the name of Allah! Praise be to Allah for guiding us to His remembrance, thanks and worship, and for paving our way towards good and knowledge. The guidance of Allah is evident as He led us to be part of such noble scientific edifice, i.e. the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU).

Another evidence of the guidance of Allah, the Almighty, is the opening of the Islamic Studies Center at the College. In other words, this center will contribute to spreading the science of Islamic Law. This will be achieved by receiving non-Sharia male and female students of Islamic Studies Diploma, in addition to all Sharia students and M.A. students with Islamic Studies Diploma.  

Therefore, the Center seeks to expand and target various segments of society through accredited scientific programs. This will be fulfilled according to the latest academic standards and reference comparisons that achieve the objectives of the Center, College and University, and are consistent with the vision of this blessed country. 

It is noticeable that through its history, this Center has graduated elite students, who have contributed to the dissemination of science and education and to the service of society in various domains. The Center still needs more effort to develop its programs, tools and means to meet the requirements and needs, and to deepen the desired impact in its graduates to become platforms of guidance.

Within the same framework, we were blessed by attracting a group of distinguished professors who helped us carry out the mission and objectives of the Center, an end to be achieved by the guidance of Allah then by the integration and synergy of causes.

Thus, the Center is pleased to receive all the supporting suggestions to achieve its vision via the available means of communication.

May Allah guide everyone to the good! Peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.


Center Manager
Dr. Yasser Hawsawy