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Training Course Evaluation Questionnaire


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    Dear Female Trainer, As the results of this questionnaire will have a significant effect on the development of the training process, we wish you express your opinion honestly and objectively after reading the items of the questionnaire carefully.

    * Title of the Course

    * Date of the Course

    Course Trainer:

    * The trainer is proficient in the academic material.

    * The course content was presented in an organized manner.

    * The illustrative methods used in the presentation of information were suitable.

    * The trainer strikes a balance between the skills of presentation and those of discussion.

    * The trainer speaks fluently and has a clear voice.

    * The trainer has an ability to engage the trainees in discussions.

    * The trainer stuck to the entire schedule of the program.

    * Trainer’s performance in the course, in general.

    Academic Material

    * Importance of the topic of the course

    * The content of the academic material was well-organized and easy.

    * The course included new and valuable information.

    * The training material included a number of activities and practical exercises.

    * The course content contributed in enriching my knowledge and skills.

    General Organization of the Program

    * Mechanism of registration and nomination for the course

    * Course venue

    * Duration of the course

    * Availability of the equipment and prerequisites of the course

    * General evaluation of the course

    * I will attend the courses offered by the Vice Deanship of the College of Shari`ah for Training and Community Service in the future.

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