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Questionnaire on the Employers’ Opinions about the Graduates of the UQU College of Shari`ah

Questionnaire on the Employers’ Feedback about the UQU Graduates

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    Questionnaire on the Employers’ Feedback about the UQU Graduates

     This questionnaire aims to identify the views of the institutions concerned with the quality of the performance of the UQU graduates. It is preferable to fill out the form by the direct supervisor of the graduate at least 3 years after his employment. The confidentiality of this information is strictly guaranteed. It is highly recommended for the employer to express its opinion frankly and objectively for the sake of the development of the educational process at the university.

    Please select your degree of satisfaction with the performance level of the UQU graduates according to the following elements:

    Academic Level

    * Skills of using technology

    * Ability to apply what has been learned.

    * Academic level

    * Identifying and solving problem

    * Knowledge in the domain of specialization

    * Data collection and analysis

    Communication Skills

    * Oral communication

    * Writing of report or research

    * Ability to express ideas

    * Ability to work in a team

    * Administrative leadership

    Personal Sides

    * Independent thinking

    * Seeking motivation

    * Level of dependence

    * Interest in ethical values

    * Ability to adapt to new environments and technologies

    Practical Sides

    * Administrative efficiency

    * Time management

    * Work accuracy

    * Computer skills

    * English language skills

    * Commitment to work ethics

    General Views:

     Please indicate any career skills particularly required by your employer

     The graduate’s most significant strengths

     Please provide us with your valuable feedback to develop the UQU educational programs in order for the graduates to meet your expectations.

     How do you find the level of UQU graduates compared to that of the graduates of the other Saudi universities?

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