Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Affiliation Program

- 2017/11/08


The affiliation program is offered under the supervision of the College of Community Service. It revolves around the development of academic affiliation for bachelor's through modern communication channels to enable a large segment of community of both genders and various age groups to develop their academic and knowledge capabilities and overcome obstacle they might face in this regard.


  • To support UQU mission and objectives through community services and provision of academic education to a large segment of community in effort to offer solutions for social problems.
  • To give the opportunity of continued education to those who couldn't finish formal regular education..
  • To improve educational and knowledge level and hone their skills and capabilities to answer to job market needs.
  • To better make use of university human resources and specialists in different sciences and knowledge subjects.



  • Electronic affiliation services.
  • Provision of the same university programs designed for regular students.
  • Finishing all academic transactions online within the available capabilities.
  • Attending preparatory meetings held by colleges offering the program.
  • Facilitating communication with subjects' supervisors through online system, including: (Affiliation student forum - curriculum mail).
  • Provision of communication channels and support services to affiliation students.
  • Ability to transfer from affiliation program to regular study program following two semesters and scoring minimum GPA of 3.25/4 for Saudis. Other requirements include admission to the college/university student wishes to transfer to. (as per available slots).