Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship of Engineering for Training and Industrial Relations

- 2016/06/06

Recently added to the college's set of vice-deanships, this deanship plays a paramount role in following up the summer training that the college's students receive. It seeks to increase students' educational output, by subjecting them to real-world professional experiences.

Besides, this vice-deanship establishes professional relationships with the partners receiving the college's output. It also pinpoints the specialties and specific needs required by employers, so that our students would be in a better position to compete, and meet such needs.


Tasks and Responsibilities of the Vice Dean of Engineering for Training and Industrial Relations:

  • General oversight over training activities provided for students, in coordination with the college's departments, so far as admission, follow-up, reporting and results are concerned;
  • Boosting quality and improving processes having to do with ranking and selection of training providers;
  • Establishing cooperative, constructive relationships, and offering training opportunities for the college students;
  • Supervising the vice-deanship's subdivisions; and
  • Establishing the databases necessary for work monitoring, and prepares the required regular reports.