Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Academic Guidance Office  

- 2017/10/20

The Academic Guidance Office was established by the beginning of the second semester of the year 1408 AH. It is directly affiliated with the Head of the Department, and it performs the following: 
1.    A general record for male students and another for female students in coordination with the female Vice Head of Department. The record includes the student’s personal information; educational background; and a copy of their education record, in addition to a sheet devoted to the progress of their own studies and any pertinent decisions. 

2.    A file for each male or female student containing the following:
•    A copy of the educational qualifications they earned. 
•    A copy of semester notices; results; and warnings, if any.
•    A copy of medical reports.
•    Reports of faculty members on the student in the supervision stage.
•    A copy of the Department Council recommendations pertinent to the student.
•    A copy of the College Council recommendations pertinent to the student.
•    A copy of the University Council recommendations pertinent to the student.

3.    A semester education record for all male and female students. 

4.    Preparing records devoted to examination procedures.

5.    Preparing files devoted to academic guidance affairs. 

6.    Familiarizing newly admitted students with the Department’s study program and the included subspecialties, as well as the terminology, definitions, and provisions stipulated in the regulations for regulating the tasks required of the student. 

7.    Familiarizing students with the obligatory and optional requirements; Regulation of Graduate Studies; duration of study; instructions for dropping and adding courses; rules and dates of partial and complete withdrawal; deferral procedures. 

8.    Assisting students in completing their registration every semester and selecting their desired courses. 

9.    Preparing a semester report on each student, to be presented to the Head of Department. 

10.    Determining the cases that have to be placed under academic observation; presenting them to the Department Council and the Deanship of Graduate Studies; and following them up as per what is stipulated in the regulations.

11.    Presenting a full report on students entitled to supervision. 

12.    Preparing graduation recommendations and matching them against score sheets to make sure the student has fulfilled the requirements for graduation, and notifying the College Deanship and the Deanship of Graduate Studies. 

13.    Preparing a summary on the student’s educational status since their registration in the Department until graduation time.