Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department Objectives

- 2017/11/12

Objectives of the Department

The Department aims to fulfill the objectives consistent with the primary objectives of UQU, among the most important of which is adhering to the tolerant Islamic law. The Department’s own objectives include the following:

  1. Providing theoretical and practical educational preparation to the students of the College of Education and the rest of colleges who would like to work in the field of education so they can properly perform their functions as teachers.
  2. Providing academic preparation to graduate students in seven specialties so they can resume their studies and earn Ph.D. degrees in the different areas of psychology. This, in turn, provides faculty members, at the level of university education. On the other hand, this provides specialists in the areas of psychology to fill in the gaps in the rest of the fields.
  3. Providing sufficient numbers of perfectly qualified guidance and counseling professionals, on a scientific and practical basis, to students.
  4. Providing psychological consultation as well as educational and professional services to all UQU students and affiliates who need psychological assistance. This is through expanding the activity of the Office of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance.
  5. The Department also aims to enhance the competence of the school principals who participate in the courses organized by the Educational Training Center.
  6. The Department also aims to help students, in different levels of study and with various specialties, acquire test design skills, especially educational and achievement tests. It further aims to train them to apply psychological tests, especially IQ tests and mental and personal aptitude tests. This is through the Psychology Laboratory which effectively contributes to the conducting of experimental research and the standardization of psychological and educational tests.