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Umm Al-Qura University

Department Establishment

- 2017/11/12

Establishment of the Department

The Department of Psychology commenced in the academic year 1383/1384 AH in the form of an education-and-psychology scientific unit directly affiliated with the Dean of the College of Education.

In 1385/1386 AH, the Council of the College of Education ordered the establishment of a new department and named it the Department of Education and Psychology. This was approved by His Excellency the Minister of Knowledge in his Letter No. 764/خ/س, dated Jumada Al-Awwal 6, 1385 AH.

The curricula of the Department were first modified in 1392/1393 AH, to be put to use as of 1393/1394 AH.

In 1394/1395 AH, UQU Council agreed to separate the Department of Psychology from that Department, and to regard it as an independent department. The academic year 1394/1395 AH is considered the date of birth of the Department of Psychology – from which graduated the first class of the Education and Psychology Bachelor’s Degree students in 1395/1396 AH – as the Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology was cancelled after that date.