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Database of the Department Students

Dear postgraduate students of the Curriculum Department, the department wishes to prepare a database for all its students to ensure easy communication with them and carry out the academic advising procedures accurately. Therefore, please fill out this form. Thanks for your cooperation!

 Database of the Department Students    From : - 2019/10/24 م , To : - 2024/10/29 م

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    Basic Data

    * Name

    * University Number

    * Mobile Number


    * Current Job

    Database of the Study

    * Campus

    * Educational Stage

    * Year of enrollment in the program

    The first three digits of the university number inform us of the year of enrollment in the program. For example, the university number “43870156” indicates that you were enrolled in the program in the first semester of the academic year 1438 A.H.

     Current major (For the Master’s students only)

     Current major (For the PhD students only)

    * Major in the bachelor stage

     Title of the Master’s thesis (For the PhD students only)

    (For PhD students only.)

     University from which you obtained the Master’s degree (For PhD students only)

    (For PhD students only.)

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