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Umm Al-Qura University

Duties of the Education Technologies Center and its Units

- 2018/12/02

Duties of the Education Technologies Center:

  • Tracking the developments in the education Technologies field and participating effectively in research activities and community service.
  • Employing materials, devices, and technology in developing the educational process.
  • Establishing a comprehensive database of the available tools, materials, devices, and educational methods.
  • Creating a file that illustrates the best ways to use the available devices and educational methods.
  • Activating the role of the center by informing the beneficiary groups of the services available at the Education Technologies Center and by contributing to the development of curricula supported by modern technology.
  • Setting a timetable for device maintenance.
  • Listing the requirements of the Education Technologies Center and presenting it to the Deanship of Educational Affairs.
  • Preparing a seasonal report on the activities and achievements of the Center, the obstacles hindering its performance, and the suggested solutions.

The Center's Units – Students Branch:

Computer and software units:

This unit is used to train students to design and create computed educational software and their presentation methods, as the unit contains 22 educational computers, a smart board, and a data projector.

Interactive Teaching Unit:

This unit is used to teach students theoretical subjects, as it provides teachers with an interactive educational method with an electronic platform, a smart board, a data projector, and various presentation devices, such as a documentary camera, and others. This unit has room for 80 seats. It can be used for celebrations, parties and discussions of the theses of the college's students.

Electronic Devices Unit:

This unit is used to train undergraduate and course students, including school principals, educational supervisors, secretaries of Learning Resources Centers, as well as others, to use modern devices and technologies. The unit consists of two labs equipped with various electronic devices for training purposes, such as smart boards, fixed and mobile data projectors, various modern projectors, and multimedia devices. The availability of these devices helps teachers with practical application on their students and understanding the ways of using these devices.    

Electronic Design Unit:

This unit is used to train students to use modern smart devices in creating, designing and delivering educational programs, as well as the techniques of their presentation and application on students.

Learning Resources Unit:

This unit is used to train students to use different learning resources. It helps train the secretaries of Learning Resources Centers on cataloging, indexing, and the use of computer software related to the Learning Resources Centers at schools. This unit offers its services to faculty members as well as students in the College.

                                                                                                The Center's Units – Girls Branch:

Childhood Unit:

This unit contains a mini-kindergarten with clear sides dedicated to kindergarten and its educational tools. It serves the students studying the curricula and methods of teaching kindergarteners and the production of educational aids for the kindergarten department.

Learning Resources Unit:

It is a hall consisting of two parts:

  1. Scientific materials specialized in audiovisuals, such as photographic slides, computer devices and software, and others. This unit offers its services to faculty members and students in the college through the maintenance, classification, and lending of the audiovisual materials in various fields and specialties, such as meetings, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.
  2. Teaching aid devices, in addition to a storage room, and maintenance of the devices affiliated to the unit. This unit offers services in the field of teaching undergraduates' courses, training masters and PhD students in several courses, such as "Production and Use of Educational Methods" and "Education Technology"   to help them use and maintain educational devices. It also offers lending services to faculty members and students in the college and the entire university.

Production of Instructional Media Unit:

It is a teaching hall with a smart board and a projector used to teach students the "Production of Instructional Media" subject for Kindergarten students. It provides tables and tools that help students prepare, design and produce self-presented educational methods.

Interactive Teaching Unit:

It consists of two typical halls. Respectively, their dimensions are (12x6, 12x12). These two halls are used to teach students theoretical subjects. They accommodate over 70 students, and provide a faculty member with an interactive educational method with their smart board, data projector, and other various projectors. The unit could be used in celebrations and parties.

The activities unit:

  • Electronic documentation of the course activities.
  • Preparation of a special exhibition about educational methods, produced by distinguished students.
  • Electronic magazines and presentations.
  • Spreading the culture of educational technology.
  • Offering training workshops and courses.