Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Objectives of the Practical Education Office

- 2018/12/09

Objectives of the Practical Education Office at the Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods:

1. To enable the student teacher acquire positive attitudes towards the importance of the teaching profession, and to appreciate its staff.

2. To introduce the components of the school system to the student teachers and to let them know how these components interact with each other within the system.

3. To help the students acquire professional competencies that will enable them to carry out their work successfully in the fields of teaching and training. This is in addition to assessing the students' development and providing a variety of activities that will be of interest to the students.

4. To raise the efficiency of the student teachers, and to improve their performance by enabling them to acquire technical, professional, and cultural skills and expertise.

5. To provide the student teachers with practical applications of the teaching skills: planning, implementation, assessment, and follow up.

6. To link the theoretical part of the courses which the student teachers have learnt at in the College with the practical part they experienced in the field of education.

7. To ensure that the student teachers have become proficient in the academic material they are teaching and receiving training on, and that they are able to develop it during the teaching and training processes.

8. To help the student teachers use information and communication technologies in teaching, as well as multimedia.

9. Preparing the student teachers to undertake responsibilities, and to handle the problems and difficult situations they may encounter during the teaching process using scientific and educational principles.