Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Strategic Plan of the Graduates Unit

- 2021/03/10





First: Graduates

  • Organizing relations of the college programs and the departments with the graduates, and maintaining their connection to the college by involving them in the unit's website and updating their data regularly.
  • Boosting communication and the exchange of views and information between the college and the graduates, and among the graduates themselves.
  • Strengthening graduates' loyalty, interaction and contribution in developing the college programs.
  • Building a database for graduates in order to contact and communicate with them.
  • Updating the college graduates on the programs of the colleges and departments via the unit's website
  • Contributing to linking the graduates with each others through the graduates forum on the unit's website, and also by attending the annual meeting for the graduates.
  • Gauging the graduates' opinions of the college via surveys filled out electronically through the unit’s website.

Second: Employment

  • Serving the new college graduates by developing their capabilities and informing them about the available job opportunities.
  • Benefiting from the experience of the graduates in providing ideas for developing college programs and activities and how to keep them in line with development plans and trends of the labor market and employment.
  • Announcing job opportunities for the graduates via the unit's website, updating them regularly and helping them to complete the application procedures for the posts.
  • Creating a database on the local community institutions through registration on the unit's website.
  • Learning about institutions' needs for employees and the opinions of the employers about the college graduates via surveys to be filled out electronically on the unit's website.
  • Announcing and presenting news, events and activities of institutions to graduates.

Third: Projects

  • Contributing to the organization of the quarterly competitions of the distinguished projects.
  • Contributing to the participation of the distinguished projects in the local, regional and international competitions.
  • Contributing to the assessment of the students projects in comparison to their counterparts in the local and international universities by relying on specialized experts and professors.
  • Working to create an electronic library for the projects of the college students.