Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/05/19

Vice Deanships

    A number of the college's teaching staff members have taken the vice-dean office to play a vital role in achieving its goals and values. Since inception in 1420AH, only one vice-deanship existed before expansion of the college's postgraduate studies. The Postgraduate Vice-deanship was founded to supervise the postgraduate studies and the implementation of its rules and regulations.

    The two posts were assigned to a group of professors:

    Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Humanidy

    In 1401AH

    Dr. Ali bin Nafee' Al-Alyani

    From 1402AH to 1407AH

    Dr. Ahmed bin Attia Al Zahrany

    From 1408AH to 1410AH

     Dr. Ahmed bin Nasser al-Hamad

    From 1410AH to 1412AH

    Dr. Abdullah bin Omar Al-Demiji

    From 1412AH to 1414AH

    Dr. Abdullah bin Mohamed Shafie'

    From 1415AH to 1417AH

    Dr. Ghalib bin Mohamed Al Hamdy

    From 1417AH to 1420AH

    Dr. Ahmed bin Nafee' Al Mawra'y

    From 1420AH to 1421AH

     Dr. Yahiya bin Mohamed Zamzamy

    From 1422AH to 1426AH

    Dr. Khaled bin Ali Abdan Al Ghamdi

    From 1426AH until today