Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Academic Follow-up Unit

- 2019/10/15


To ensure that academic standards are met in the teaching and learning process within the college.


  1. Following up the academic advising for students.

  2. Following up the numbers of students in the study groups, and ensuring equality in their numbers and the suitability of the rooms.

  3. Following up teaching and regularity inside the classrooms.

  4. Following up students work assessment by providing tools for testing and marking, whether manual or automated.

  5. Following up the results of the students, according to set schedules.

  6. Developing a mechanism to follow up the problems in the students' academic progress, and the problems of postponement and transfer from the college.

  7. Ensuring the implementation of the decisions of the Curricula Committee at the college, while developing study programs at the academic departments.

  8. Ensuring the achievement of performance indicators for teaching and learning, and developing an improvement plan in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Unit.

  9. Comparing the academic performance of the college departments, and preparing reports about them.

  10. Proposing initiatives and projects that improve the academic performance of the college departments, and submitting them to the dean.