Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/12/06


UQU College of Business Administration was established in 1429 A.H./ 2009 A.D. with a view to fulfill the requirements of comprehensive development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through taking part in creating and developing cadres qualified to join fields of business administration.

The College offers a bachelor's degree in specializations of business administration, marketing, accounting, tourism and hospitality and the Hajj and Umrah Management. Its specialized courses are taught in English. In addition, its tourism and hospitality courses are taught in a second foreign language. The goal is to qualify its graduates according to international standards of the field.

Education at the College adopts the concept of education focused on community responsibility, which fulfills the Saudi labor market's needs. This concept is derived from the educational philosophies applied at European and US universities.

The courses provided by the College were designed in the light of experiences taken from a number of outstanding US and European universities with a view to design academic programs that enable students to get real job opportunities, taking into consideration cultural and social dimensions during the process of designing these programs.

The College aims to maintain the fundamentals of Saudi community, create effective cadres required for building the community and achieve a real sustainable development. To this end, the College has worked on establishing ties with economic, administrative, tourism and hospitality organizations in our Saudi community to fulfill the requirements of their academic programs. These ties are reflected in workshops and joint meetings with members from the labor market and local community. The College is also keen to invite those members to have meetings with students in order to raise their awareness of the nature of their future work fields.    


To serve Makkah and its stakeholders by providing appropriate environment that helps advance scientific achievement in business administration in order to create capable leaders who hold fast to Islamic ethics including honesty, honor and serving the community and guests of Allah (pilgrims).

 The College of Business Administration's mission and its core values are reflected in the College's programs and culture embraced by its teaching staff and employees who set examples to be followed.

Core Values:

Allah says:  ((Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due.)) (An Nisa, Verse: 58)

Allah says: ((Truly the best of men for thee to employ is the (man) who is strong and trusty.)) (Al Qasas, Verse: 26)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says: "The best person is the one who benefits all human beings." (Hadith Narrator: Abdullah bin Omar; Hadith Scholar: Al-Tabarani; Source: Al-Mu'jam Al-Awsat).

  • Honesty is an integrated Islamic value that should be reflected in all our interactions and dealings.
  • Strength enables our students to be the best professional people in their field.
  • Honor: Proceeding from our belief that being blessed with the honor to live and work in Makkah imposes upon us a great responsibility, we set our sights on instilling such value in all what we do. We grow the moral, ethical and social sense of responsibility and accountability. This sense is reflected in our dealings, education and community service.
  • Service: We feel proud because everything we do is in the service of Makkah and its stakeholders. Our service is based on the principles of respect, integrity, modesty, teamwork, integration and compassion. To achieve our mission, we:

1. Provide our students with an exceptional educational experience.

2. Offer unique programs in the Hajj and Umrah management, tourism and hotels management, business administration and marketing.

3. Encourage scientific achievement in important aspects of business administration through intellectual contribution, creative learning experiences and interactions with stakeholders.

4. Promote citizenship culture of excellence, cooperation, participation and respect of diverse backgrounds and ideas.

5. Assess our efforts towards achieving our goals and think carefully of how to achieve them. This has lead to continuing improvement of our practices and enhance our endeavors towards excellence.


- Create an educational added-value.

- Adhere to principles of social responsibility.

- Win customer satisfaction.

- Enhance ethics of professional work.

- Support innovation and entrepreneurship.


To be internationally recognized and rated as one of the top leading colleges of business administration, with a view driven by Islamic values including honesty, strength and service and also to be an educational institution worthy of the honor of serving the Holy Makkah.