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The College Vice Deanship at the Female Section

- 2020/09/30

The College Vice Deanship at the Female Section

Overview of the Vice Deanship of the College of Business Administration (Female Section)

The College of Business Administration (female section) oversees the academic departments, and is very keen to be a leader in education and scientific research and to be classified as one of the best colleges of business administration at the local and international levels. The Vice Deanship is concerned with graduating leaders capable of serving the public and private sectors in the best way.


  1. Organizing tasks in the female section according to the rules and regulations.
  2. Following up and overseeing the academic departments in the college.
  3. Coordinating public relations with the internal and external parties.
  4. Implementing and following up the decisions of the College Council.
  5. Preparing the annual achievement report of the college at the female section.
  6. Managing the academic and research affairs at the female section.
  7. Providing proper training for the members, employees, and the administrative bureau.
  8. Providing courses and workshops compatible with the needs and desires of the students.
  9. Supervising the progress of the educational process in the academic departments of the college.

The Responsibility Toward the Committees Affiliated with the Vice Deanship (Female Section)

  • Supervising the Marketing Committee to improve the college's mental image and outline the achievements to the community.
  • Supervising the Student Council and student activities.
  • Supervising the Sub-Committee of the Female Students Rights and following up their issues.
  • Supervising the progress of the examination process.
  • Supervising the Field Training Unit.

Contact information

Vice Dean of the College (Female Section):

Dr. Hawazin Al-Zubaidi

Email: [email protected]