Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Students

- 2020/04/19

This committee is concerned with introducing students to their due rights and responsibilities within the university, the method of requesting such rights in the event of violation of any of them, and assisting students to obtain them in accordance with the provisions of the university's laws and regulations.

General Objectives:

  1. To encourage mutual respect between students and the employees of the university by introducing students of their rights and responsibilities as stipulated in the Regulations of the Rights and Duties of Students at Umm Al-Qura University.
  2. To establish the rules of justice by treating fairly anyone who wishes to exert their rights.
  3. To raise the level of awareness of male and female students at the college in terms of their rights and responsibilities through various means, such as seminars and advertisements throughout the college.
  4. Create an appropriate academic environment characterized by positivity among students and employees of the college.


  1. To hear grievances to be considered by a committee concerned with protection of the rights of students in the College of Business Administration.
  2. To meet with students who have grievances.
  3. To present the grievances of all students to the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Students.
  4. To prepare the minutes of meetings of the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Students and submit them for the required approval.
  5. To call up students, inform them about the decision, and request their signature.

Committee Members:

Committee Members at the Male Section



Dr. Ayman Adham


Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharif


Dr. Basim Al-Hazimi


Mr. Salih Turkistani

Committee Secretary

Basil Al-Lehaibi


Abdullah Al-Harbi


Dear students, we are pleased to receive any grievances, complaints, and proposals from our male and female students through the form available on the following link: Form for Receiving Grievances, Complaints, and Suggestions

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