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Umm Al-Qura University

Excellent Female Graduates

- 2019/01/07

Dalal Sultan Al-Sharif

Graduate of the College of Business Administration, Department of Marketing, 2018

Marketing and Business Development Specialist, Wadi Makkah

After graduating from the secondary school, Dalal Sultan Al-Sharif was not able to study at university due to family conditions, so the following four years she learned new skills through the internet in the fields of design and technology. She studied computer programming at a technical institute in Taif for two years. Five years after her graduation from the secondary school, she was able to join Umm Al-Qura University to begin her studies at the College of Business Administration in the Marketing Department.

During her studies, Dalal Al-Sharif began training at Wadi Makkah Technology Company in the 2016 summer training program. She was also invited to work as a guide for trainees in entrepreneurship in the 2017 summer internship at Wadi Makkah Technology Company. The next year, she had the opportunity to work for the second time in summer training in the U-turn Company, the strategic partner of Wadi Makkah, during the 2018 summer training program, where she was the leading instructor in the stream of photography and production.

Immediately after the end of the summer training period, she was offered a job at Wadi Makkah Company to work in the field of marketing. Her first task was to prepare and organize the Startup Saudi Arabia Forum, which was held on November 24-26, 2018. She is currently working on marketing for some of the Company's programs, as well as developing her startup company that serves young students in Saudi universities.

Badriyah Mamduh Abu Razizah

Graduate of the College of Business Administration, Department of Marketing, 2018

Digital Planning and Marketing Specialist at Wadi Makkah Technology Company

During the summer, Badriyah Mamduh Abu Razizah trained in a hospital in Makkah, and then worked in the same hospital for two years (without pay) to develop her skills and gain experience to qualify her to work after graduation.

During the Hajj season and the holy month of Ramadan, she volunteered to take part in the programs that help the pilgrims in the hospitals. This gave her great practical experience, and the ability to work and make decisions quickly under pressure. Through this, she was also able to develop her initiative spirit.

In the summer of 2018, Badriyah Abu Razizah applied to train at Wadi Makkah Technology Company, in the field of entrepreneurship for five weeks, during which she learned a number of entrepreneurial and marketing skills which she was able to apply to the startup companies incubated by Wadi Makkah Technology Company. This increased her efficiency in her startup company that offers its services to help the students, and qualified her for the post Wadi Makkah made to her after the end of the summer training.

Lujain Bandar Al-Hazimi

Graduate of the College of Business Administration, Department of Marketing, 2017

Lujain Bandar Al-Hazimi was farsighted in choosing the marketing field, due to her belief in the creativity of this field and her ability to contribute to it.

Her working diligently and exerting much effort to develop herself and her experience in this field during her study at the University had a positive effect on her vocational progress after graduation. She was keen to attend conferences in marketing, especially new events, such as the Saudi Conference for Marketing in Jeddah, 2016 A.C., and the Digital Marketing Conference in Dubai, GITEX, 2018 A.C.

At University, she participated in a Startup Competition organized by Wadi Makkah for Technology. Her participation came as part of a teamwork project in the marketing stream.

Lujain Al-Hazimi joined Muntaha Volunteering team, and worked hard till she became one of the leaders of the team in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. She volunteered, along with the team, to work in several places, such as the Fakhr wa I`tizaz activities organized by Aramco under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense. After volunteering to work as a marketer in an institute, the establishment asked her to join its team as an administrative employee.

It is worth mentioning that she applied what she learnt in the period of cooperative training in Wadi Makkah for Technology while working in the Public Relations Department in Hira Public Hospital. She analyzed different means of social media, and trained the Media Department official to analyze social media and paid advertisements.

Out of her interest in the banking field, she had a chance, shortly after working as an administrative employee in the institute, to work in 'SAB Academy', which is a part of SAB Bank. In this academy, she studied the banking system and developed her working skills.

She sought to achieve two vocational certificates from the Financial Institute which is affiliated to the Monetary Authority. First: Banking Basics for Individuals. Second: Insurance Basics.

Later on, there was an opportunity for her to work as a digital marketing specialist in a marketing and advertising company. Working at this company added greatly to her experience.

Lujain works as a marketing manager at Ikon Company in Wadi Makkah for Technology.

Danah bint Husain Abdul-Karim Hafiz

Graduate of the College of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, 2017

She said, "Five months after my graduation, I worked in the Department of Quality and Development, at the Female General Administration at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques for one year. I was appointed as a Manager of the Planning, Development and Quality Unit at the beginning of 1440 A.H. Moreover, I attended several courses organized by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umrah Research. May Allah grant us all success and progress."

Ruba Ali Muhammad Ali Al-Sharif

Graduate of the College of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, 2017

Ruba Ali Muhammad Ali Al-Sharif trained in Wadi Makkah for Technology in the field of marketing research, entry into the market, writing contents and digital marketing. She also trained in a Startup Corporation called Tawsil, which achieved success in sales during the training period that reached 200 %.

She worked in Tilal Al-Nama' as a digital marketing specialist. During her work, she produced marketing strategies to attract clients. She often participated in creativity challenges at the Innovation Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), such as finding new ways to pay using blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) in collaboration with SAB Bank, and solving the problems of logistic chains in cooperation with Northrop Grumman Corporation. She reached the semi-finals.

Ruba Al-Sharif worked as an assistant trainer during the summer for Wadi Makkah for Technology in 2018 A.C., in the field of entrepreneurship. She offered many training courses, such as 'Strategies of Blue and Red Ocean in Digital Marketing', 'Forming Contents for every Platform', 'Paid Advertisements', 'Attracting Clients via Email', 'Marketing through Social Media', and 'Basics of Entrepreneurship'.

Her experience includes organizing several forums, the most important of which are: Saudi Forum for Startups (2017 and 2018 A.C.), and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum. She worked as a supervisor and a reviewer at the greatest Hackathon in the world, which is the Hajj Hackathon, for three consecutive days. She volunteered in several centers, and was a former member in the Artal team for social initiatives and Ruwa' for Volunteering.

Her ambition was to become a Teaching Assistant at the Business Administration College, Umm Al-Qura University, which she achieved in 2018 A.C.