Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Preparatory Year's Affairs Unit-Female Section 

- 2018/06/23




To be an effective linking point between the College of Business Administration and the Deanship of Preparatory Year and to establish a solid knowledge base enabling the female student to pass the undergraduate program in the college of business administration successfully.  



The Unit seeks to ensure successful implementation of the academic and administrative process of the course of principles of management- 4854101-3 for the female students of the preparatory year in the administrative track during the second semester of each academic year in the university. 

Targeted Group:

Female students of the administrative track in the deanship of the preparatory year-female section, female faculty members and female instructors of the  of the course of principles of management.


Objectives and Tasks:

The Unit is committed to activate the mission of the college of business administration  through: 


•    Providing female students with the academic and knowledge skills necessary for business administration field. 

•    Following up attendance of the female students, medical excuses before issuing deprivation lists.

•    Following up failure cases in the   business administration course, study their causes and provide psychological and academic aid in this regard for the female students.

•    Studying academic and administrative problems, setting solution for them and forwarding them to the college vice dean  and the head of business administration department. 

•    Overseeing midterm and final exams of the business administration course, ensuring success of their process in collaboration with the examination committee of the preparatory year. 

•    Coordinating with the preparatory year unit in the female section to prepare and print the unified exams for the male and female sections. 

•     Introducing different the college of business administration  including its departments, study plan and academic programs to students.

•    Participating in the activities of the preparatory year in coordination with the marketing and administration department in the college of business administration.