Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Library Unit

- 2018/06/23

The Library Unit at the Vice-Deanship of the Business Administration College for Educational Affairs seeks to take part in the achievement of UQU vision and main objectives. It is well known that UQU focuses on the support of research, scientific and cultural aspects and the progress of the educational process. This is by providing access to various forms and types of information sources to the College’s staff members and students. This is also by providing various information and library services, including library guidance and secondment. Moreover, the Unit offers guidance on the use of internet services and databases, and assists and directs beneficiaries to optimize the use of available resources. All this is achieved in coordination with the affiliates of the Library in Rea Zhakhir.

It is also evident that the Library guides beneficiaries through various introductory programs such as the encouragement of participation in guided tours sponsored by King Abdullah Library. Another form of such programs is the attendance of programs, courses and workshops held by the Library at its headquarters, which resulted in beneficiaries’ easy acquisition of and access to articles, research, references, periodicals, books and other sources of information. In addition, the Library Unit is concerned with the preparation of evident regulations and policies that will contribute to the organization of the work progress at the College Library. Such regulations and policies deal with supply-secondment operations and other procedures. 

This can be added to the concern by the Unit with the provision of different information sources in various traditional and modern forms to all beneficiary categories. Besides, the Unit looks forward to supporting the curricula and the educational process by providing textbooks and assisting information resources that meet the educational needs of students and staff members. This is achieved via communication with stakeholders to ensure that the resources necessary to support the course are available.  

It is evident that the Unit also encourages developing, rooting and gaining the skills of the reading habit among the different categories of beneficiaries, especially female students. In addition, it is concerned with getting them accustomed to study with the help of self-reliance, research and exploration through traditional and modern methods.


Library Unit Coordinator, Vice-Deanship of Business Administration College:

Ms. Fadia Hemdan

E-Mail:  [email protected]