Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Security & Safety Unit

- 2022/11/20


Applying and developing the fundamentals of security and safety, and creating a safe environment for affiliates, female students and visitors at the College of Business Administration.



Maintaining safety and security within the facility by following safety rules and guidelines.



  • Implementing the highest international standards in the domain of security and safety within the educational institution.
  • Implementing a rapid response system in the event of disasters and crises within the campus.
  • Ensuring a safe environment for university staff and students.
  • Using the latest security and safety technologies.
  • Maintaining security and safety during the day using sophisticated monitoring devices.



  • Forming a security and safety committee at the university to discuss all aspects of the unit.
  • Forming a special emergency and evacuation committee trained to evacuation and rescue on campus.
  • Knowledge of the building's graphic design in terms of defining emergency exits, securing equipment for them, and ensuring that they are not closed or that their use is not limited by obstacles.
  • Placing signboards inside each lecture room showing the nearest emergency exits.
  • Conducting periodic tours within the campus to ensure the safety of safety tools.
  • Working as a coordinator with the higher authorities in the university on new security and safety issues.



  • Conducting training courses on how to use safety tools and fire extinguishers in coordination with the Civil Defence.
  • Training of UQU female students and affiliates to the method of vacating a university building and staying at the assembly point, and conducting periodic experimental evacuations.
  • Activating safety and security activities and events in coordination with supervisors of extracurricular activities at the college.