Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Active Learning Unit - Girls Section

- 2018/06/07

1/The Active Learning Unit participated in the Certified Teacher Program by Deanship of E-learning and Distance Education from 6/3/1438A.H. to 18/2/1439A.H. The program included 11 training hours and the trainee has received the Certified Teacher Certificate from the Business Administration College. The program includes:

  • A course on e-content building and management.
  •  A virtual classrooms course.
  • An e-test course.
  •  An e-design wizard course.

These courses aim to create and manage electronic courses according to the approved specifications to guarantee the effectiveness of learning, which depends on linking the content, activities and assessments to the educational goals.

2/The Active Learning Unit participated in the "Fourth Criterion: Education and Learning" workshop by Deanship of Academic Development & Quality on 29/2/1439A.H. It also took part in the "Training on Institutional Accreditation and Performance Measurement Programs" course on 1/3/1439A.H. The courses were presented to the female teaching members on 18/3/1439A.H.

3/The unit participated in the "Academic Guidance for Female Students" course by Deanship of Admission & Registration on Thursday 26/3/1439A.H. The course focused on how to academically guide the female students. It included numerous pillars, the most of which were: Delay, apology, total withdrawal, electronic conversion, specialization, change of study type and all public services to the female student by studying some cases and discussing solutions.

 4/The unit organized a workshop on 25/12/2018 for female students under the title "Financial System and Banking in Saudi Arabia". The course aimed to assess the success of the Saudi financial system and the efficiency of commercial banks in the Kingdom.

5/The Active Learning Unit held a course on "The French Language in Tourism, Marketing and Administrative Fields" on 2-3/8/1439A.H, in coordination with the Business Confidence Unit and Consulting Research & Studies Institute.  The course aimed to enable female students of the tourism, marketing and administration sections to engage in a healthy dialogue in French in their specialization.

6/The unit participated  on 29/7/1439A.H in the "Types of Educational Correction" course, organized by Deanship of Academic Development & Quality about the requirements of institutional and program accreditation.

7/The unit organized the "University Teaching Skills" course on 25/4/2018. The course aimed to improve skills of the female teaching members by exchanging the best practices and skills about how to:

  •  Make education and assessment types compatible with the learning outputs.
  •  Transfer knowledge to the female students in a clearer and motivating way.
  • Apply different teaching methods.

              Unit supervisors:

Pro/Awatef Al-Lawmi              Pro/Asmaa Alrayes