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Importance and Objectives of the Field Training

- 2020/09/28

Field training involves a set of skills and experiences presented to the student within an institutional framework, or within an area of practice, with the aim of helping the student to acquire various areas of knowledge, field experiences, and technical skills, in addition to modifying personal features and personal behaviors. This will greatly contribute to the student's professional growth, by linking theoretical knowledge with practical application, and provide the opportunity for students to discover their capabilities, desires, and the needs of the labor market in the Saudi Kingdom.

Field training also involves a group of practical experiences that depend on theoretical references, such as courses. One of the distinctive features of field training is that it has no specific area of application; it could be conducted almost anywhere. Moreover, it depends on the guidance of the trainees or individuals participating in the field training by a practically qualified person in this field, who possesses sufficient skills that help them succeed in implementing the objective of field training.

Importance of the Field Training:

Field training is of great importance for the student preparation program in the College of Business Administration. The following points help us understand how important field training is:

  • Field training represents the student's initial field of expertise, in which they apply what has been learned in the real environment.
  • It gives the student an opportunity to deal with the various pressures that they may face in the labor market.
  • It helps the student develop their understanding of the educational process procedures.
  • It enhances the student's individual learning skills.
  • It provides an opportunity to interact and collaborate with experienced trainers in the field of work.
  • It gives the student a high level of positive aptitude and job satisfaction.
  • It helps the student understand the needs and characteristics of the environment in which they are supposed to work.
  • Field training is an effective way to help the student acquire new abilities and skills that they may not possess. These skills enable the student to expand their concepts, adjust their orientations, and consolidate their ability to innovate and to be creative; innovation connects the theoretical aspect of the acquired knowledge to the practical aspect of outcome (work).

Objectives of the Field Training:

  1. Enriching the experiences of university students by linking academic studies in the classroom with real practical situations in the work environment.
  2. Providing the opportunity for male and female students to discover their professional interests in the field of their academic specialization.
  3. Emphasizing the effectiveness of field training in preparing graduate students for their practical future.
  4. Providing the opportunity for trainees to acquire new skills by getting them accustomed to innovative thinking for problem solving, and making practical decisions with confidence.