Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

About the unit

- 2016/05/22

The Vision:

To make the Training Unit a pioneer and unique center in the rehabilitation of the graduates of the College of Business Administration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Mission:

Professionally rehabilitate and prepare the female trainees students to reach a unique and high efficiency level. This will contribute to the excellence of the female graduates of the College of Business Administration in their work future and their access to the appropriate opportunities and professional positions.


The female students in the College of Business Administration in the specialties of: business administration and marketing for the bachelor degree.

The Objectives and tasks of the field training unit:

  • Contribute to the establishment and the development of an internal regulation regarding the training at the college.
  • Develop and document the standards of field training for the academic departments in the college.
  • Develop and document the controls of the training field in terms of:

- Preparing the training modules.

- The approved and required hours for the field training.

- the controls for the absence of the trainee during the training period.

- Change the training entity or postpone the training.

- The required duties of the trainee student during the training period.

  • Determine and announce the academic calendar for the field training to be quarterly or annually after obtaining the approval and adoption of the college dean.
  • Prepare a list of the female students candidates for the training in coordination with the Deanship of Admissions and Academic Guidance in the departments.
  • Develop criteria for identifying the training providers are allowed to have training in.
  • Supervise the holding of a meeting attended by the academic supervisors of the training content and the female candidates for the training within enough time before the start of the training in order to:

- Announce the registration steps in the field training.

- Explain the approved models for the training.

- Clarify the evaluation policy for the training.

- State the rules of writing the report after the end of the training period.

  • Early coordination with the training providers in terms of:

- Determine the capacity and accommodation of the training providers for the students.

- Review the activities and tasks assigned to the students.

- Clarify the college required training standards from the training providers to adhere with them.

  • Divide the students on the identified training providers with which a prior agreement was made.
  • Supervise the progress the field training for the students.
  • Closely consider any difficulties facing the students during the training period and work to resolve them.
  • Held a regular meeting after the end of the training period with all trainees students to take their views and know their suggestions which enrich the future training process for the college students.
  • Provide any suggestions to be adopted in order to facilitate the training process.