Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Council Secretary

- 2017/05/09

1. Receive the topics to be submitted to the Council and departments;

2. Oversee preparation of the agenda, and circulating it to the council members;

3. Ensure participation of all members in the council's meetings, and register their attendance;

4. Verify documents related to the recommendations that the council come up with;

5. Write the minutes of the council's meetings;

6. Archive the minutes to be retrieved if need be;

7. Follow up enforcement of the council's resolutions, and submit reports to the dean thereon;

8. Oversee notifying the competent parties of the council's resolutions;

9. Prepare a report by the end of each academic year, showing the number of sessions attended by each member, and take the statutory actions;

10. Liaise with all college sectors on all matters related to the council's activities;

11. Carry out any other tasks assigned to him by the Council Chairman; and

12. Prepare an annual report on the council's activities.