Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Tasks and Responsibilities of the College Council

- 2017/05/09

Article 34 of the Higher Education and Universities Law stipulates that:

The College Council is responsible for considering the college's affairs, and is tasked with:

1. Suggesting recruitment, promotion and secondment of faculty members, TAs, and instructors;

2. Suggesting or modifying study plans in coordination with the departments;

3. Suggesting curricula, textbook and references for the college's departments;

4. Encouraging and publishing scientific researches in coordination with the college departments;

5. Suggesting schedule for exams, and developing relevant regulatory instructions:

6. Suggesting the College's Internal Regulation;

7. Suggesting the training plans and scholarships necessary for the College;

8. Suggesting the College's extracurricular activities;

9. Taking decisions related to student affairs within its capacity, and marking recommendations to the University Council for otherwise affairs; and

10. Consider the issues referred to it by the University Council, its Chairman or Deputy Chairman, for study or