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About the Center

- 2017/02/26

The center was initially founded at the College of Business Administration in 2012 but was called “Center of Distinguished Education” then; the name developed later to become the Center of Active and Interactive Learning. The center aims at presenting a more comprehensive mechanism to improve education and learning in the College of Business Administration; the goal of founding the center was to provide support to members of the teaching staff to develop teaching skills and methods and give them knowledge about state of the art teaching methods.

Among the most important activities of the center the planning and arrangement of interactive workshops, the development of curricula, the assurance of learning process, and the encouragement of researches in the field of education and andragogy. For example, the center arranged several workshops for members of the teaching staff in the college about the innovative methods of teaching – the workshop was introduced by speakers and experts in this field including Professor Joseph Mick La Lopa, Bordeaux University, US.

The college provided the center with equipped utilities to host the courses and workshops and revive active learning; a 50-person class was established and dedicated to teaching using active and interactive learning – the process includes teaching male and female students through the connection of the smart class to those of the Female Students Sections to run simultaneous, asynchronous and combined programs.

Active learning methods applied in the College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration employed the methods of active learning in the system of curricula management and the insurance of education therein. Students of the college study using the innovative methods and techniques of active learning which are being applied on a limited scale in the programs of other colleges nationwide. The method is based on getting the students involved in the process of learning and helping them to digest the concepts through interaction with the teacher instead of the tradition Indoctrination method..