Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Graduates Unit:

- 2017/01/12

The graduation Unit was established as per the keenness attached by the College of Business Administration to its male and female graduates. Through this Unit the college endeavors  to pursue  effective communication with the graduates as the source of its pride and to support business sector with the distinguished cadres particularly after the significant expansion witnessed  by the Kingdom in the field of business administration which requires qualified cadres. 

As long as the student is the centerpiece of the educational process, the graduation unit endeavors to gauge opinions, proposals and professional problems of its graduates  and take advantage of the feedback of their employers regarding their scientific and technical levels, thereby assisting the college, Allah willing to continuously improve its educational outputs by means of regular meetings or the communication with the unit through different means of communication.   


Regardless of the continuous and intensive networking between the college and its graduates since the graduation of the first batch in 1433 H, the meetings organized by some scientific departments with its graduates, besides the job opportunities provided to them in addition to giving ear to their proposals and views during these meetings, the graduation unit was only established in 1437 H as one of the units of the College Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs.  


Looking to build an effective and sustainable partnership between the College of Business Administration and its male female graduates and all the interested parties. 


To spare no effort to improve communication and strengthen relation  between the college and its graduates and amongst the graduates themselves via the programs and effective communication means thereby supporting the policy and mission of the college administration.



Unit objectives are divided into three main axes:

Firstly: Graduates Relations: 

1-    To create an interactive and sustainable partnership between the college and its students. 
2-    To urge the graduates to participate in the activities and events organized by the college. 
3-    To organize an introductory meeting in the unit to support and disseminate affiliation culture. 
4-    To honor the male and female graduates of the college who have assumed leadership positions in the special occasions and also invite them to participate as speakers in the college events. 
5-    To provide necessary information for the graduates to help them get the jobs they are looking for such as the job announcements in the college besides  issuing a half yearly or yearly journal under the name of graduates journal or bulletin which include news of interest for them).  
6-    To organize an annual meeting (graduates day) by the end of the academic year for which the employers and company directors who have job opportunities are invited.
7-    To establish database about the male and female graduates of the college of business administration and the relevant sectors to the college graduates (graduate application) to be updated on regular basis.

Secondly: Career Development Unit 

1-    To organize regular workshops and symposiums on the CV writing skills for the expected to graduate students. 
2-    To organize training courses on interviews skills for the expected to graduate students. 
3-    To provide agencies interested in employing college graduates particularly those who have agreement with the college  with the information of the expected to graduate students.
4-    Providing guidance and direction for the graduates and students expected to graduate in finding job opportunities and employ them as much as possible.  
5-    Setting a mechanism to follow up employment of the college graduates  with the parties who requested graduates information. 

Thirdly: Development and Follow up: 

1-    To take advantage of the graduates views in developing college programs and plans. 
2-    To create e-link related to the unit on the college website. This link must be updated regularly. 
3-    To take advantage of the available data and statistics to organize relevant satiric studies and researches. 
4-    To establish a communication network between the graduates making use of the social media channels.