Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

- 2017/02/27

College Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

The College's Vice-deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research administers the Master's programs and coordinates with departments the application of regulations set by the Deanship of Postgraduate Students in addition to improving academic environment and the regular follow-up of student affairs in terms of registration, reports, test results, viva examination and graduation.

 The Vice-deanship is also concerned with the development of scientific research and improving research project levels in addition to the review of annual achievements, national, regional and world ranks of the colleges.


To manage postgraduate studies at the College of Judicial Studies and Laws under the applicable regulations and rules in order to serve the personal and communal interests.


1- To pay special care for the judicial and law studies and to expand researches

2- To contribute to the judicial and law studies via a number of serious and specialized research papers

3- To empower top graduate students in order to continue the postgraduate studies

4- To pay special care for the qualified specialists who are well-aware of the judicial and law studies

5- To encourage qualified persons on way to advance in education, creativity, research development and continue studies on Saudi comunity issues.


Vice-dean's duties: 

• To implement policies set for graduate studies and research

• To supervise graduate operations, to coordinate with the departments 

• To oversee sub-units under the vice-deanship

• To supervise academic cadres development programs and activities 

• To stimulate research operation and establish partnerships with other entities 

• To coordinate with research centers on improving competence of participants and boost role played by the college in the scientific research field 

• To encourage the establishment of scientific chairs and research centers  

• To follow up the vice-deanship's website in terms of duties, key activities and operations 

• To create databases needed for the follow-up work and regular reports