Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Alumni Unit

- 2017/02/12

Out of its keenness, the College of Judicial Studies and Laws the unit of alumni was established to maintain contacts between graduates who are the source of pride for the college and to support the private and public sectors with highly-qualified cadres of specialists. The graduates have the ability to keep up with the accelerating expansion and development of the new judicial system in Saudi Arabia.

Taking into account that the student is the core component unit of the education process, the Alumni Unit establishes a channel of communication to keep itself acquainted with feedback from their employers in terms of the levels of qualification and technology. Therefore, the college maintains its continuous improvement for education outputs through a regular meetings or holding talks with the unit via social media networks.


About the Unit:

The unit was only established in 1437H as a department under the Vice-deanship for Academic Affairs, graduates have maintained contact amongst themselves and the with the college since 1436H. Also, departments organized meetings with graduates, offered job opportunities and listened to suggestions and feedback upon which the education mechanisms were improved to provide better service.



To develop an effective sustainable partnership between the college and its graduates from one side and with the stakeholders from the other side.



To boost communication and bolster relations linking graduates with the college and between the graduates themselves through effective programs and social networks to support the college's policy and mission.



Unit's objectives can be subdivided into three tracks:

First: Graduate relations:

١- To create sustainable interactive partnership between the college and its students.

٢- To encourage graduates to participate in activities and events organized by the college.

٣- To organize induction meetings for the unit to promote loyalty culture.

٤- To invite the graduates who occupied leading positions to participate as keynote speakers.

٥- To provide necessary information for the graduates who are searching for jobs (job ads, annual or semi-annual magazines under the name "graduate magazine or bulletin") in which they can find the intended news stories.

٦- To organize an annual meeting (Graduate Day) by the end of every year. During this day, business owners and managers who are looking for qualified persons.

٧- To create a database of Business Administration graduates and related sectors (updated graduate form).

Second: Vocational Rehabilitation Department:

١- It makes the necessary coordination to hold regular workshops and seminars on CV writing skills.

٢- It coordinates training courses on interview skills.

٣- It provides employers with the graduates who have provided their details under agreement made with the college.

 4- It guides graduates in search for a job.

٥- It sets mechanism to follow up employment of graduates.

Third: Development and follow-up:

١- To use feedback provided by graduates to improve courses and study plans.

٢- To create an updated hyper link for the unit on the college's website.

٣- To use available data and statistics to make scientific studies and researches.

٤- To give graduates a chance of choosing financial and in-kind assistance to develop the college and its departments.

٥- To establish a network of communication between graduates using social media networks.