Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision and Mission

- 2016/11/27



The Department endeavors to provide an excellent program in Information Systems, provide an environment that promotes self-learning and teamwork,  prepare graduates to compete on a global level in government, industry, and academics and engage in research that is valuable to the country and to the body of knowledge of Information Systems and support degree programs to prepare the researchers of the future.


1- To  address the needs of the labor market through the continuous updating of the program and teaching strategies.
2- To provide high quality education depending on an environment that promotes and encourages ethical behavior.  



1-  The ability to apply skills of  information systems and administrative skills in solving complex real life problems.
2- To make the student capable of continuing graduate studies, research and development and to participate in the professional activities. 
3-  To make the student capable  of contributing effectively to the community.
4- To make the student  capable of undertaking oral and written communication using modern communication methods in an effective way. 
5- To make the student capable of assuming leading roles in different work environments.